My goodness was it awsome.I was in grade 11 in 2011, when I got selected to be one of the students flying to Johannesburg for a leadership camp. I couldn’t sleep the night before the trip,I was excited, nervous and scared all at once. We got to the East London Airport,we were sooo clueless😂😂. We did not know were to go or what to do or how we will know which flight we taking and there a lot. Village students who neeever been in an airport,never mind the plane😂😂. Security noticed we were clueless and asked “can I help you guys”,and that’s when we went to him and he told us everything to do and told us to listen to the announcement that will be made instructing which gate to take for which airplane. After that we sat there attentively listening not wanting to move😂😂. But eventually we boarded and it was awesome. All of us chose window sits😂. It was just awsome and the best feeling ever. Pitty we had no camera phones back then because none of our familys afforded to buy us such flashy phones. But we had a awsome journey.


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