Hi, i’m the Galloping Glutton

I’m a seasoned traveller (galloper), an avid foodie (glutton), and I’m passionate about sharing my experiences with you.

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“A fun and totally irreverent look at the various hotels, restaurants and places I have been to…”

This is just my personal and totally unsolicited experiences, and luckily I am beholden to no one or entity.  I am not trying to compete in any way with TripAdvisor, Zomato, Google or the myriad other food and travel review sites. I am simply consolidating all my experiences into one place for you to hopefully enjoy.

Now… Of course restaurants and hotels have off days, and some great days, so I may have just visited on the “wrong or right day” and I’m sure some of my reviews will seem crazy, but these things happen, and I have corrected my reviews if / when I go back, and there has been a great change.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel fairly extensively across the world over the years, staying in B&B’s, hotels of various star ratings, some good and some terrible… and I enjoy eating at all types and manner of eateries.

I’ve found the most amazing and delicious food from street and beach vendors in South Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and the USA, to some really lousy food at some of the top star restaurants…. It’s a mixed bag – enjoy!

If there is any advice I can give you, it is: Never criticise or act smart with a waiter unless it is really called for, and NEVER, NEVER criticise the food or service until you have finished eating. You have no idea what chefs / waiters can do to food, especially yours… Always be nice.