Pretty good Steak Night at Diemersdal’s Farm Eatery

I went with a few friends to the ‘Steak Night’ at Diemersdal’s Eatery recently to celebrate my birthday. They now have 3 different steak & wine options to choose from. Most of us went for the 2nd tier, which offered a ribeye steak and glass of Malbec (along with all the usual sides and sauce). While the steaks were cooked a little inconsistently (most of us ordered Medium Rare, and mine was slightly overdone and another friend’s was undercooked), everything else was fantastic. It is to be noted that they make an excellent b√©arnaise sauce. We ordered quite a bit of extra wine, my friend forgot her handbag and returned with a sanitiser that didn’t belong to any of us, and it was a great evening – just as birthday celebrations should be!



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