Marble Restaurant

“A truly superb restaurant.”

Marble is situated in Rosebank, about 6kms / 4 miles from Sandton City, depending on the route you take.

From the minute you walk in to when you are seated, the courtesy you are treated with is wonderful.

To your right as you walk in is the bar area, although to call it an area does not do it justice, with an excellent bar and seating in the room.

The bar is wonderful, and the bar ‘tenders’ very good.

You are escorted to your table, and I do mean escorted and not ‘taken’.

The ‘servers’ (although I thoroughly dislike that term), are great and attentive.

The food is delicious and really well prepared.

Honestly one of the best restaurants I have been to, and as you can see by my reviews, I have been to some excellent restaurants around the world.

The prices are high. You will not get away with under R500.00 for a main and starter per person, although with the pathetic value of the rand it would equate to about $30.00 or Euro, which is reasonable.

With drinks add approximately R100.00 per person for a group of 4 people, depending of course on how much you drink and which wines you choose.

Date of visit: July 2022

Value – 4/5

Service – 5/5

Food – 5/5

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