Le Comptoir

“A very disappointing meal.”

We went for dinner to Le Comptoir and were extremely disappointed.

It is open, I think, 3 nights a week, and is situated in the Radisson Blu complex itself.

My wife ordered the prawns which, when they arrived were dry and slightly overcooked.

Even the rice that came with it was dry and unappetising.

I would have expected that at least the prawns would have come with some sauces, be it lemon and butter, garlic, or actually anything.

I had the fish which was also dry and tasteless.

I have no doubt that one of the problems was that there were only 2 persons attempting to serve all the diners.

The gentleman was simply run off his feet. It was ludicrous.

Although I must admit the presentation was really good.

Date of visit: May 2018

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