El Shrimp Bucket

“Wonderful seafood restaurant.”

Really enjoyed the food and atmosphere at El Shrimp Bucket.

We ordered a number of starters and their shrimp platter, with 3 different ‘coatings’.

All 3 were really delicious.

However please bear in mind one thing, their shrimps are really not shrimps, they are fair sized prawns.

In South Africa and Europe, a shrimp is about 2.5cm/1inch.

In Mexico we discovered that their shrimps were about 5 – 6cm / 2.5 inches.

We definitely ordered too many, but managed to fight our way through them.

Their margaritas were good but did not have a great selection of beers.

Date of visit: February 2017

Value – 3/5
Service – 4/5
Food – 4/5

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