Art of Food

“A gastronomic experience. A must visit.”

What an unexpected and fabulous find.

Dullstroom, approximately 275kms / 172 miles, about a 2hr 30 min drive from Sandton, was a very small town that concentrated on trout fishing, with a few shops and an Inn, about 20 years ago, then trout “estates” opened up and tourism grew enormously.

Dullstroom is on the way to the Kruger Park so tourist buses stop off there so people can buy ‘the obligatory ‘souvenirs’ from the myriad tourist shops / traps that have opened up.

There are also quite a number of restaurants and bars that have been established there.

As I really enjoy fly fishing I have been going there for eons now, and have watched the town grow, and have eaten at every restaurant there, some great, some not so.

However the Art of Food is absolutely superb.

Not only is the Chef self trained, so has not been constricted by “what must be done” but has created a wonderful menu and atmosphere.

The restaurant could match any of the great restaurants in any town.

A must visit

Date of visit: April 2016

Value – 4/5
Service – 5/5
Food – 5/5

*Note: Sadly, this restaurant has since closed down.

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