The Calabash Continental Restaurant

“What a disappointment.”

The Calabash Continental Restaurant used to be outstanding.

But before I go on, I must confess the last time I visited Swaziland was about 15 years ago, however I still remember the amazing meals we had there.

So when I went there last night these memories came flooding back and I was almost salivating at the thought of their steaks and seafood and salads and…

What a disappointment.

Please understand the food is good / ok but nothing like I remember.

We had a rump steak which was not as good as the steaks at any good steakhouse. Although it was rare and tasted good it was really thin and would have served better on a Prego roll.

The Greek salad was acceptable, my lamb curry just acceptable.

All in all there are a lot of much better restaurants in the area.

Date of visit: June 2015

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