Protea Hotel Fire and Ice!

“Great fun hotel.”

The Protea Fire and Ice Hotel in Cape Town is a really fun hotel in Cape Town.

Although it is not on the beach front it is along the main road leading up to Table Mountain, and only about 2kms / 1.25 miles from the Waterfront Complex.

Their ‘milkshakes’… (and I have put that in inverted commas because likening their creations to a common or garden variety milkshake is like likening soda water to champagne).

… You must try one, and definitely their speciality enormous ones. They come in a variety of flavours, but undoubtedly the best is their Lindt chocolate shake.

Right, now that I have stopped salivating let’s get onto the hotel itself.

The rooms are, whilst smallish, really well appointed and more than adequate for the stay.

The elevators themselves are done in different themes, and the bar area is really great with alcoves, each with a different fun decoration.

You must also have a look at the themes in the downstairs loo’s.

Whomever was the interior decorator had a wild and wonderful imagination.

Date of stay: September 2013

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