Active Sushi

“This Active Sushi is at 81 Buitenkant Street Cape Town. Really great sushi.”

This restaurant is basically just out of the centre of town.

A few of us went to Active Sushi for dinner.

They have an ‘a la carte’ as well as an ‘all you can eat’ menu.

If I remember correctly the ‘AYCE’ menu ranges from R199.00 – R299.00 -R399.00.

As we had not been there before, two of us tried the R199.00 option, and the other 2 the R299.00.

They were both really good and definitely worth the money.

However, and I have thought This Should Be De Rigueur, for All ‘AYCE’ restaurants, they charge you for every item left on the plate.

So order little amounts at a time, you can always get more, rather than wasting good food because you are simply greedy. And no, you cannot take away what you don’t finish.

The only thing that let them down was their Saki, it was really lousy.

Active Sushi, if people complain about the price of it, keep a cheap bottle as well as a better one, as you do with wine.

The service is also very good.

Date of visit: November 2022

Value – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Food – 5/5

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