VIXI Social House

“Good food and a great ambience.”

The food at Vixi was in general very good, even if a few of the dishes left a bit to be desired, specifically the calamari which was rubbery and the chicken livers which I prefer to be well done and not slightly raw, however the others in our party enjoyed it.

I ordered a favourite of mine, the baked cheesecake, which was very disappointing.

Ignoring the fact that a slice of dried orange was placed on the top, which was puzzling, it was extremely sweet, almost as if a tin of condensed milk had gone into the making and the plate was drizzled with honey.

No Vixi, really, that is not how cheese cake is made or served.

One other point to bear in mind, is that as a result of the layout it is extremely noisy, but is worth a visit.

Booking is essential over weekends.

Date of visit: September 2019

Value – 3/5
Service – 4/5
Food – 4/5

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