Coco Safar Sea Point

“A stunning restaurant with an amazing speciality tapas menu.”

Coco Safar has been around for over a year now, and besides their normal stunning menu they have opened a wonderful tapas selection.

The various and differing tastes are simply delicious and dare I say it, are even better than the The Alcove in New York.

And whatever you do, you must try their coffees which are ground on the premises.

They also have an amazing variety of rooibos teas also brewed on the premises.

Do not visit Cape Town without going there.

Booking is a must.

Date of visit: October 2019

Value – 5/5
Service – 5/5
Food – 5/5

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“Still a stunning restaurant. Whatever you do in Cape Town, book there.”

Since my last review about 2 years ago now, Coco Safar has gone from strength to strength.

They have now been voted as making one of the best croissants in the world.

Their food is amazing, but I must make special mention of their brisket.

It is simply superb, a definite must.

And and of course, their pastries and desserts are amazing.

Date of visit: August 2020

Value – 4/5
Service – 5/5
Food – 5/5

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