Make Restaurant

“A small but great restaurant.”

Make, on Main Road in Sea Point is a wonderful Japanese restaurant.

Although Chinese food is also served, it concentrates on sashimi / sushi etc.

The food is excellent and service very good.

Date of visit: September 2019

“Their noodles, sushi, and potstickers / dumplings are good, but the rest…”

The dumplings / potstickers, sushi, noodles, etc are great, but (and it’s a big but) their fried rice is anemic, the pork and chicken dishes ok, however what must come in for special mention is their so called crispy duck.

It is a total disaster and as far removed from the photo on the menu as it is possible to be.

The duck was served in dried out virtually inedible chunks with fried batter on top.

It honestly was one of the worst meals I have had, and that says a lot.

In the interest of science and TripAdvisor I’ve eaten in some really rough places. OK, OK, just joking.

I will certainly be giving Make a miss in future.

Date of visit: February 2020

Value – 3/5
Service – 4/5
Food – 2/5

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