The Hussar Grill Mouille Point

“Great steaks but…”

Hussar’s steak houses was started in Rondebosch in Cape Town at least 30 years ago and has remained one of the best steak houses in the country.

About 3 years ago Hussar was bought out by a food chain and since then they franchised the name.

The Hussar in Mouille Point, about 3kms / 2 m from Cape Town Centre, is your typical Hussar steak house as can be expected and their steaks are very good, unfortunately the same cannot be said of the pork belly, which was honestly a disaster.

Pork belly cannot be made simply by grilling it like steak or chops, as it needs to be prepared totally differently.

Guys, please rather take it off the menu.

The fish was good and roasted veg ok.

I wouldn’t go there for a meal again.

Date of visit: July 2017

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