Ocean Basket Bedford Village

“The so called sushi, is horrific.”

A few of us went to the restaurant for dinner a few nights ago.

My wife ordered the prawns special, which she said was ok.

Our friends ordered hake and chips which were good.

However my so called sushi was absolutely disgusting.

Just because you call something sushi, and it looks like sushi, is really not enough.

The rice used was not proper sushi rice, the variety was tasteless so that the only differential seemed to be what was placed on top of the pieces, and here just a heads up, no you really do not put chopped tomato and onion on a sushi piece, although I suppose that did give it some taste.

Really, Ocean Basket Bedfordview, you must sort this out sooner rather than later.

Date of visit: November 2016

Value – 3/5
Service – 4/5
Food – 3/5

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