Pyramids of Giza

“A must see in Egypt.”

This was my first trip to Egypt, so of course we had to see the Pyramids.

And here I know I’m going to hear a cacophony of disapproving shouts but, because of Hollywood and doctored pictures I did expect to see more than I did.

Please understand I’m not decrying the Pyramids but rather the depictions thereof.

They are an amazing engineering feat and are wonderful and a must see, but just very different from expectations.

Date of experience: October 2015

“An amazing achievement.”

What can you really say about the Great Pyramid that has not been said before?

If you are in Egypt, or in any country nearby for the matter, it is definitely worth a visit.

My initial reaction was ”Really, is this really what I have seen in movies”?

After my initial, 30 second disappointment, I realised it really was a spectacular sight and how difficult it must have been to erect.

Slightly to the side you can see two smaller pyramids showing the first attempts at pyramids, and of course other pyramids in the background.

Date of experience: October 2015

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