Swazi Art & Craft

“The biggest attraction is the Swazi Candle ‘factory’.”

This is a typical “African arts and crafts market”.

The main attraction is the Swazi candle ‘factory’.

Candles of a myriad shapes and sizes are made here with some made on site, although the main factory is someway away.

If you are in Swaziland, it is definitely worth a visit.

Candles are somewhat expensive but worth it.

One problem is that the signposts are abysmal, so ask precise directions as to how to get to the site.

The other shops sell nice hand painted / dyed shirts, dresses etc.

There are also the usual animals carved from wood, and a shop selling expensive bags etc.

The restaurant serves good food at reasonable prices.

It is a mecca for tourists and tour busses make this a regular stop.

Date of experience: June 2015

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