Ristorante La Trinita

“Definitely a must visit.”

La Trinita is an Italian restaurant in Kyalami about 20kms / 13miles from Sandton.

The restaurant is owned and run by a mother and daughter team, Tessa and La-La.

Everything is made fresh and to your specs. Hmmm, maybe….

Sometimes La-la will tell you you don’t know what you are talking about and you should try it ‘this way’ to enjoy the true beauty and taste of salmon / spaghetti /  ravioli etc.

No, honestly La-La will greet you like her long lost BFF and come to your table to discuss what is special today and what you would like.

A wonderful lunch / dinner will ensue and you will just know you have to go back.

Date of visit: June 2014

Value – 4/5
Atmosphere – 5/5
Service – 5/5
Food – 5/5

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“A wonderful genuine Italian restaurant.”

La Trinita has been going for, it seems like, ever and is and has remained, for at least 20 years, one of my favourites and one of the best restaurants in the Greater Johannesburg area.

It is in Kyalami, about 25 kms / 15m from Sandton but is absolutely worth the trip.

It is run by Tessa and La-La who greet all and sundry like long lost family and / or friends whether you have been there before or not.

Tessa runs the front of house and Lala does the cooking and comes and sits down with you telling you what the specials are and what she thinks you will like.

All food is freshly made so if you are looking for fast food, please go to a drive through outlet. This food is served with care and love.

I actually don’t even bother looking at the menu any longer.

As I walk in Lala looks at me and says” this is what I am going to serve you tonight.”

I have yet to be disappointed, surprised maybe, but never disappointed.

Booking is essential for Friday, and Saturday nights and Sunday lunch.

Closed Sunday dinner and Mondays.

Date of visit: December 2015

Value – 4/5
Service – 5/5
Food – 5/5

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