Parc Ferme

“Average food and terrible attitude.”

This was a business luncheon.

Although the restaurant was relatively empty, one section was cordoned off for a lecture / demonstration (?). Service was slow.

Although the waitresses were good and attentive, the food took much too long to arrive.

We were in a hurry so I ordered the chicken livers peri peri which was average, and my guest ordered a salad.

When the food eventually arrived, the salad had avocado that looked as if it had been bought off the back streets.

It was brown and had a plethora of black streaks and spots in all the slices. It looked disgusting.

We immediately called for the manager, however the “chef” arrived, obviously the one who had “prepared” the salad, and when my guest told him what she thought of the appalling state of the avocado was told to ‘just relax’.

I strongly suggested to him that he depart fairly quickly, (well perhaps I was a bit more forthright than that, however as this is a family website certain phraseology cannot be said) and to call the manager.

When the manager arrived he apologised but said that the avocados at the moment were not good. When I stated that perhaps it would be more opportune to then, not put any avocado into the salad, he stated that that was probably a good idea.

My guest then ordered grilled calamari, which was in fact good.

However all in all not a good experience.

I doubt if I or my guest will ever return.

Date of visit: March 2014

Value – 3/5
Atmosphere – 3/5
Service – 1/5
Food – 2/5

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