Gold Reef City

“Johannesburg’s ‘Disneyland’…”

Gold Reef City is a really great attraction for the kids, and thinking about it, the adults as well.

Of course it is nothing like Disneyland, but a great day out of fun, rides and other attractions.

There are ample restaurants, fast food outlets and the like.

They even have an old gold mine which you can go down into and see how the gold was mined. You can also watch them smelt gold down into bars.

All in all a great day out.

Get there early on weekends and public holidays as it does tend to fill up quickly.

Oh, and if you intend going on the water rides, take a towel.

As in Disneyland a number of the rides have height restrictions, so if you have young children they will miss out on a number of the rides.

Gold Reef City is about 15 kms/ 10 miles from Sandton near Johannesburg.

Date of experience: February 2013

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